“Dear Rochas Okorocha, you are the eight and ninth wonder of the world”

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Jacob Zuma South Africa’s biggest regret has a statue in the heart of a Nigerian state. The most shocking celebration of mediocrity in the history of the world.

I condemn with every fiber of my life the stark display of emptiness by the Roach.

Wait. A whopping five hundred million naira was invested in a statue that will be erected in a state with terrible roads. In a state where pensioners are ambassadors of poverty. A state in a state of emergency.

This is the height of priority misplacement.

He has etched his name on the dark pages of people’s lives and feelings.

He is a con artist. IMO state is his canvas. He has painted chaos and ineptitude. He uses the tears of his people to dab on the painting – to make it emotional.

To you Rochas, you define shame more than every dictionary in the world.

To your followers and fans, it’s sad to know that you sold your various consciences for peanuts that you can even get by predicting matches on bet9ja.

Shame on all of you and your generations.

Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a young writer born sometime in history. In case you want to arrest him, you can reach him via markanthonyfoundation@gmail.com

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